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Flexo Printing

Flexographic label printing (or flexo printing) works best for larger runs of custom printed labels. This printing method gives you the choice to print on a large assortment of materials using a number of different technologies. The type of label and design is only limited to your imagination!

Action Quality Printers' flexographic press can produce:

    • Pressure-sensitive labels
    • Holographic labels
    • Respositionable labels
    • Removable labels
    • Multi-layer labels

Flexibility = Options

Digital and Flexo printing capability - quantities from the 100s to the millions.

Which is best for YOUR label? It depends on specs and quantity. Call us to learn more!  Call us at 208-321-1350

The benefits of flexographic label
printing include:

Printing in Large Quantities

Flexographic printing works well if you have a high-volume order. After the initial setup costs, which include creating printing plates, flexographic becomes more cost-effective the more labels you print.

8-Color Capability with Finishing

For most jobs, we use the standard four-color process. However, our presses can accommodate six additional ink stations for up to 8 color printing with various finishing options such as lamnination and folil application. We can work with all your color printing needs.

Ability to Use Multiple Materials

We can print on a range of materials, from paper, plastic or vinyl films, metal foils, silk-screening and embossing as well as metalized paper and metalized film materials. Just let us know and we'll deliver a label solution that meets your needs.

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